The World’s Most Intriguing Laundromats

We here at LaundroXpress have some of the most beautiful facilities in all of South Florida to do your laundry. Therefore we have a certain appreciation for Laundromats that are doing some interesting things in the field. Below we will go through some of the coolest laundromats:

1. Brain Wash Located in San Francisco, CA

brainwash 2
This trendy Laundromat located in San Fran also serves as a music/arts venue, a full restaurant/café, and a great place to relax while you’re waiting for your laundry.

2. Cafe Laundromat in Oslo, Norway

This fun laundromat is also a bar! You can enjoy a beer (or 2) while you wait for your laundry, in addition to a full menu and a comfortable seating arrangement.

3. Laundromat Café in Århusgade, Copenhagen, Denmark

This laundromat is actually part of the European “Laundromat Café” chain, what makes this location so special is the library of books available while you wait. They also have a fantastic menu.

4. Suds Laundrette located in Melbourne, Australia

This ultra trendy laundromat is located in Melbourne down under and is the brain child of Plus Architecture. The modern space, vibe, and seating make this a truly unique laundry experience.

5. Wasbar in Ghent, Belgium

Wasbar might just be the most intriguing laundromat on the planet. It is a unique mix of a hair salon, laundry, & café. You can enjoy a nice coffee and breakfast, a haircut, & get your laundry done at the same place.
There are some pretty incredible Laundromats all over the world but LaundroXpress remains the best Miami Laundromat !

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