How To Wash Your Comforter At A Laundromat

Washing your favorite comforter at the Laundromat can be a difficult and confusing task if you do not know the proper way to clean it. It is important to know exactly how to clean your comforter in order to prevent ruining it.



1. You are going to need an extra large capacity washer. It is important not to use your home washing machines because they usually are not able to handle the bulk. As a result, your best option is taking it to the Laundromat because they provide extra large capacity washers that are able to handle something as bulky as a comforter.

2. Always make sure to run the comforter through a gentle cycle. It is important not to use too much detergent. You don’t want to ruin your comforter. It is safe to add bleach if your comforter is white. Remember to set the water temperature to warm.

3. Run the rinse cycle twice to ensure that all the detergent has been removed.

4. Unload the comforter from the washer. Your comforter may look flat or discolored. But do not worry this is normal.

5. Put the comforter in an extra large capacity dryer. Make sure the settings are on low and are appropriate for your comforters color. Sometimes white comforters are able to dry using a higher temperature setting.

6. Next use an item to break up the clumps in your comforter. Dryer balls and tennis balls are very effective at fluffing the comforter.

7. Always remember to check the dryer every so often to ensure the comforter is properly drying. If you cannot tell whether or not the comforter is dry, hold it up to the light and look for clumps. If you see any clumps, then it needs to be in the dryer for longer. However, if it is smooth then it is almost fully dry.

8. Now take the comforter out of the dryer and make sure to fluff it as much as possible. Then place it back on the bed and enjoy a freshly cleaned comforter!


The whole process of washing and drying your comforter could take up to 14 hours depending on the settings used. Always remember to follow these instructions and you will ensure that comforter last for a very long time. Also remember to avoid washing your down comforter more than once a year.

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      14 hours to wash and dry a comforter?

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