5 Ways to Remove Wrinkles from your Clothes

Within minutes of your dryer being finished your clothes may have already begun to wrinkle. Wrinkled clothes is a mystery to most people and others seem to never wrinkle their clothes. Luckily for those of you who want to know the secrets of keeping wrinkle free we have set up 5 different ways to remove wrinkles from clothes!

Dryer with Wet Socks

·         If you put smaller loads into your dryer, your clothes will be less likely to wrinkle.

·         Putting a damp fabric softener sheet and running a cycle can help your dried clothes un-wrinkle.

·         When trying to remove wrinkles from your already dried clothes with a dryer, throwing a moist sock or 2 will create steam and help remove most of your wrinkles.

Hot Shower Steam


·         Your shower on hot can create steam, keeping your clothes close to this steam can de-wrinkle them.

·         Hang your clothes on your shower rod or close to the rising steam for optimum results.

·         Close up any holes in your shower room in order to keep the steam building up heavily for your clothes.

Blow Drying

·         Place your clothes on a flat surface and begin to straighten wrinkles by patting down the wrinkles while using a blow dryer.

·         Any tough wrinkles may require dampening, repeat step 1 and 2 for better results.


·         Lay out your clothes on a flat surface

·         Lay a towel on top and pat down to flatten wrinkles

·         Allow clothes to flatten for about 15 minutes

·         The friction of the towel will keep your clothes flat and with time remove wrinkles.

Water Spray waterspray

·         Lightly spraying water on your wrinkles while patting them is another way to easily get rid of those wrinkles!

·         Use a mix of above methods for best results with water.

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