What to look for when choosing a Miami Coin Laundry?


Choosing the correct coin laundry for you and your families clothing may seem like a simple process but there are some key questions you should ask yourself.

Is it located in a safe environment?

T he coin laundry you choose should always be situated in a safe place. You should feel comfortable and safe from the moment you enter to the moment you leave. Here are some questions you should ask yourself. Does the laundromat provide attentive staff during operating hours? Are there multiple security cameras located within and outside the location? Is the location brightly lit and easily visible even at night? Attentive staff will be aware of any situation that arises and can help ensure the safety of the customers. Most companies these days have installed security cameras and so should your local coin laundry. This helps provide accountability and deters wrongdoers from making bad decisions. Also, make sure the laundromat is brightly lit up throughout the day and night.

Is there plenty of parking?

Upon arrival you should be able to park close to the coin laundry. Having to take all of your clothing from one end of a full parking lot to another is never fun. Even worse, if there is no available parking you could find yourself wasting precious time just to park the car. Don’t waste time with this and ensure your coin laundry has parking that makes sense and gets you into the coin laundry as soon as possible.

Is it clean and comfortable?

A coin laundry should reflect the end goal of your visit: clean. Upon entering, does the smell scare you or does it smell like fresh and clean fabrics? Are the floors and walls clean and is the equipment clean? If not, be weary as this is a good indicator of the maintenance and attention that is given to the laundromat. Also, make sure there is adequate seating that is comfortable. You would not want to start your laundry to find that you will be spending the next hour on your feet.

What kind of equipment are they using?

Old machines are noisy and inefficient. The last thing you want is to be in a noisy place while your laundry takes longer than it should because of a lack of quality equipment. Make sure that the machines are new, family sized, and maintained well. Too many machines out of order can show the ownerships lack of upkeep. Old equipment also leaves you with fewer options for payment. Newer machines will have credit card readers. Say goodbye to that heavy, annoying collection of coins in your ziploc bag! Also see what kinds of laundry detergents they provide. Are they using brand names or are they using a no name brand that might cause some sort of allergy or skin irritation? Although this may seem trivial, a laundromat that provides brand name products can show the ownerships attention to detail.

What amenities do they provide?

A laundromat should strive to make your time there as comfortable as possible. The use of electronics like large screen televisions and a reliable Wi-Fi connection will help you pass the time more comfortably. Inclusion of wi-fi allows customers to free themselves from spending money on their data plans while they surf the internet and stream their favorite media.

Do they provide extra services?

Some laundromats simply provide a place for you to wash and dry your clothing. The ones who go above and beyond provide extra services at affordable cost and some even provide this free. Great services from a friendly staff such as “wash and fold” can save you plenty of time. Other more premier services such as in house dry cleaning can allow you to take care of all your clothes cleaning needs under one roof. This will keep you from running around town to get out that small coffee stain!

Is the staff friendly and helpful?

When you first walk through the doors are you greeted with a smile and asked how you can be assisted? Is there adequate staff available? Does the staff address your concerns? A happy and friendly staff is a good sign that the owner cares about his customers and has taken the time to hire the right people.

What do current customers have to say?

Last but most important, what are others saying about the coin laundry? If a laundromat has a social presence, you should check them out. Many customers will rate and comment about the things they like and dislike about a company on their social pages. Reach out to customers whether online or in person and ask them about their experiences and what they like most and like least about the coin laundry. Customer experience is number one and should be the most important factor when choosing a coin laundry.

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