Clothes Dryer Efficiency Tips

Energy efficiency is becoming a top priority in America as we become an ever more, green conscious nation.  One of the ways you can improve your energy efficiency at home is through effective techniques for utilizing your clothes dryer.  Let’s go through some of the biggest tips below:


#1 – Air Dry When Possible

Although it may feel like an antiquated technique, hang drying clothes can be an energy efficient and cost effective method.  This technique should only be used on light clothes however and in the right season, as thicker clothing can take a longer time to dry and sunny weather always works better.


#2 – Clean your Clothes Dryer Deeply

Many people overlook this crucial process in energy efficiency.  Properly cleaning your clothes dryer will not only make it more energy efficient, but it will also make the dryer function at an optimum level!  The lint filter doesn’t catch all the lint and it’s important to take a vacuum’s hose extensions and eliminate the lint build-up around that gathers in the inner drum.


#3 – Use Efficiency Settings When Possible

Many of the newer models of clothes dryers offer options for energy efficiency beyond normal settings.  Moisture sensors are becoming popular in clothes dryers, which detect when clothing becomes dry and turns off automatically.

#4 – Perm Press

One trick that many people don’t know about is that running a “perm press” cycle will increase efficiency.  The reason being that perm press cycles will normally run a bit of cold tumble near the end of the cycle which is still effective and more energy efficient

#5 – Clean your Lint Filter & Outside Air Vent

Many people don’t clean their lint filters every time or don’t clean them properly.  It is important to clean your lint filter to the best of your ability after every use.  It’s also important to clean the outside air vents often, when they become clogged they require more energy and wear your machine down quicker.

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