How To Disinfect Laundry Without Bleach

With so many options to clean your clothes now a days it can be very confusing choosing the right option for your situation. Certain materials cannot simply be thrown in the washing machine and certain stains require presoaks or other specific type of cleaning. One main worry for most is keeping clothing clean and disinfected without using harsh chemicals or soaps that can potentially ruin the material. Here at LaundroXpress we strive to make the chore of doing your laundry as easy as possible and want to share some simple tips on how to maintain your clothes clean and looking great!

Cleaning vs. Disinfecting

For most clothing, simple cleaning in the washing machine or soaking in soap and water can certainly be enough to keep you clothes looking great. But there are certain times that you need a deeper cleaning and actually need to disinfect the clothing to totally eliminate germs and bacteria from the clothing. If you are sick, it is a great idea to try to disinfect the clothing you have worn and also any material you may have come into contact with, to ensure the germs will be eliminated entirely. Also certain bodily stains such as blood typically need to be cleaned and disinfected from clothing, there are a few simple easy ways to disinfect your clothing that are both safe and effective for all types of materials.

Traditional Disinfecting

Traditionally disinfecting your clothing meant using harsh chemicals that can not only damage the clothing and material that you are using but can also be harmful to your health and the health of your family. Harsh chemicals like bleach and other solvents are great ways to disinfect really just about anything but when it comes to certain materials they can really do a number on them. Simply washing your clothes can at times not be enough, clothing may look clean but it doesn’t necessarily mean that they are disinfected. When disinfecting clothing you want to make sure you are using products that are both safe for you as well as easy on clothing.

Household Items

There are many household remedies that can be used to effectively disinfect clothing. The best option we have found is to use Hydrogen Peroxide and Vinegar. Hydrogen Peroxide is a great way to help lift stains but also goes deep into clothing and can help lift bacteria and germs, so then the vinegar can come in and totally wipe it all out. You want to use 3% Hydrogen Peroxide, begin by filling a container with warm water and pour in the hydrogen peroxide and mix well. You can then drop your clothing into the warm water and make sure it is all fully submerged under the water. Add the vinegar in with the hydrogen peroxide and begin to mix the solution together until it is all fully submerged and mixed together. Let sit for about 30 mins, remove from the mix, rinse, and let air dry as normal, your clothing will now be fully disinfected!

Natural Disinfectants

The best way to steer clear of using harsh chemicals is by going the natural route and nothing works better than using Grapefruit seed oil. You will need to add about 1 teaspoon of grapefruit see oil into your washing machine, make sure you are using hot water, which helps to lift stains and kill bacteria and set the washing machine to normal wash mode. Grapefruit seed oil contains about 88-95% limonene. Limonene is not only a powerful disinfectant but it also aids in many health issues such as pancreatic and colon cancers, skin remedies for acne and aging, as well as detoxifying the body and burning fat. By adding this to your cleaning regimen is a safe yet effective way to keeping your clothes clean, disinfected, and smelling great!


LaundroXpress is dedicated to serving you, our loyal customers, and we want to make sure that you are getting the most out of your cleaning. By using these simple tips you will be sure to keep your family safe from harmful chemicals but also ensure they have clean clothes that still look great! It is our mission to make your life a bit easier when it comes to doing your laundry!


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    2. Em says:

      How effective are these alternative methods of disinfecting compared to the traditional disinfecting method using bleach?

      How much hydrogen peroxide and vinegar should I add to the container of warm water?
      How big is the container stated in this article?
      How much hydrogen peroxide and vinegar is needed if I use them with detergent to clean and disinfect in a regular-sized washing machine?
      Is there a difference in the amount of disinfecting solution used a top-loader versus a front-loader?

      Will cold water be as effective as warm water if I use the hydrogen peroxide and vinegar to disinfect the laundry?
      WIll cold water be as effective as hot water if I use grapefruit seed oil?
      Would I need to add more of the disinfectants if I use cold water? If so, could you kindly tell me how much of each disinfectant I should add?

      Also, could you please cite your sources? Thank you!

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