How Does The Dry Cleaning Process Work?

Using a dry cleaner is one of the most convenient way to get your laundry done. It is fast, uses equipment that not every household has, and takes the drudgery out of having to clean and fold your own clothes. At LaundroXpress you get the best of both worlds. We not only offer dry cleaning services, but also have a fully functioning self-service Laundromat as well. We are conveniently located on Coral Way and whether you need to quickly drop off some clothes for dry cleaning or have some time to clean your own clothes, our facility is fully equipped to suit your needs.


So what exactly is the dry cleaning process and why is it a better option for certain clothing? Dry cleaning is the process of deep cleaning clothing without using water. Usually reserved for dress clothes and delicate fabric, it requires special equipment and detergents. Dry cleaning is typically a 5 step process. These steps are tagging the clothes, pretreating clothes, cleaning, quality checking, and ironing.

Tagging the clothes is the first step in making sure the clothing stays together and returns to the right customer. Just imagine trying to keep all that clothes in order without them! Every year hundreds of clothing garments are left at the dry cleaners by people not remembering they had dropped them off.


Pretreating stains is the first step in getting rid of stains. This helps remove any topical stains, leaving the more stubborn stains to the real cleaning process.

In the cleaning step the clothes actually do get wet, just not by water. The clothing is put into a machine that resembles an industrial washer. It uses a liquid silicone cleaner. As the solvent flows into the cylinder it dissolves stains and is constantly being filtered for new liquid. Both washer and dryer are in the same machine.

Once cleaned, employees will quality check the clothing for any remaining stains before passing it through the ironing and folding process. There are special molded irons that insure your clothes are wrinkle free.

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Dry cleaning is a great way to conveniently do your delicate laundry (or all of it!). It is a deeper and more efficient clean and helps keep your clothes like new. LaundroXpress offers a variety of cleaning options to fit your schedule. We have around the clock staff always on duty to help you with anything you need. Your satisfaction is our goal!

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