How Did Coin Laundries Begin?

Coin laundries have been an American staple for over sixty years. The first coin laundry machine was built in the 1950s and offered a new way for the existing public laundromats to run a fully self-serviceable business. This worked out great for both the customer and owner because it gave customers control over their own laundry. When coin laundries first started they weren’t very big. In fact, most stores only offered one or two washer and dryers on separate walls.  This created a high demand for self-service laundromats which in turn led to a drastic growth spurt in the coin laundry industry in the 1960’s.


This high growth period led to an influx of larger facilities that paid more attention to quality and service. Coin laundries sustained their demand through the 70’s and eventually made a drastic leap in the 1980’s. The laundry equipment in the 80’s had become more efficient, reliable, and offered the customers more options to choose from. The facilities had also grown in size and were much more customer oriented.  Manufacturers of coin laundry equipment also did very well in this time and many distributors were building about 30-50 new coin ops per year.


Today, the demand for quality coin laundries is the highest it has ever been. Luckily, the coin laundry industry has exponentially evolved and is now bigger and better than its predecessors. The facilities today are much more efficient and are able to sustain a high capacity.  They provide quick and affordable washing and drying without the long wait. Additionally, more stores are providing services such as wifi and TV lounges.  As a result, the coin laundry industry is thriving and LaundroXpress is at the forefront.


Here at LaundroXpress, not only do we provide wifi and TVs, but we also offer a wash and fold service and dry cleaning service. We take the utmost pride in being able to provide the highest quality service and customer satisfaction.  Our brand new facility offers a clean and comfortable-air conditioned environment with plenty of space and equipment. Come see why we are Miami’s best laundromat!





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