How Hot Are Laundromat Dryers?

Phew, that’s hot! Laundromats make it is easy to get your dirty clothes looking and smelling as good as new. LaundroXpress is no exception, we provide our customers with the top of the line washer and dryer machines. Our machines are large enough for the entire family and ensure that your clothing will come out looking better than when you put it in. We make sure that all of our machines are working at their best and our able to provide our clients with quality laundry services. All of our machines are set up to be able to wash any type of clothing, from your dirty gym clothes all the way to your more delicate articles of clothing. Our goal is to make your laundry experience as easy and painless as possible.


When cleaning your clothes you want to pay attention to the amount of heat used on certain articles as heat plays a factor in keeping your clothing looking new. For example if you are washing clothes or bed sheets that have been sweat into you are going to want to wash and dry at a high temperature to make sure that all the bacteria is killed as well as any bed bugs or mites that may be in the sheets. If you are looking to wash your more delicate colored articles of clothing you would want to wash and dry them on a lower heat setting so that the colors don’t bleed through and the temperature doesn’t damage the fabric. Most dryers come with three types of heat settings from Cold, Warm, and Hot.


So just how hot do Laundromat dryers get? It really depends on which area of the unit you are considering. Near the heating element it is typically much hotter but usually in the drum it stays at an average of 135°F-145°F. There are a few factors that will also help determine the temperature within the drum of the dryer and those are the setting, the size of the load of clothing, airflow within the ducts of the dryer, room temperature, and dampness of the clothing. These are all contributing factors to the temperature of the dyers but with the dryers we use at LaundroXpress you can easily manage the temperature and make sure that your clothing will be cleaned properly and do not become damaged.


LaundroXpress is your one stop shop for all your laundry needs! We are conveniently located and open 7 days a week 15 hours a day. We have numerous washer and dryer machines and a large parking lot to make sure there is always room for everyone. We want you to enjoy doing your laundry, and even if you don’t we would like to make your experience as easy as possible!

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      Hi, can let me know the exact temperature of these options on your dryers: (1) High, (2( Medium, (3) Low, and (4) Delicate ?

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