How Often Should You Wash Your Towels/Sheets?

This is a question we get quite often in our Laundromat and the answer really depends on the type of towel and sheets.  In this post we’ll go over wash cycles for several different types of popular towels/sheets:



Bath Towels – When considering how often to wash a bath towel it is important to use several factors.  Assuming that it is a cotton towel and it is only being used to dry off once a day after a shower, these towels can typically be used 3-4 times before needing to be washed.


Hand Towels – Because these types of towels are usually used more frequently they should be washed more often than bath towels.  Once again assuming these are cotton towels that are used 5-6x a day to dry off hands, they should be washed every 2-3 days.



 Bed Sheets/Pillow Cases – If you are sleeping in cotton sheets it is recommended to wash/change your sheets and pillow cases on a weekly basis.


Mattress/Pillow Covers – Because these types of covers are usually not directly in contact with your body they can be washed safely every 2 months.

We hope these recommendations help with washing your sheets and towels at LaundroXpress!

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    1. Kulwinder says:

      I didn’t realize that many pepole like HOUSEHOLD pepole and not HOTEL pepole washed their towels daily until I started blogging. I ran a poll on my own blog in 2008 asking about how often to wash linens. No less than once a week, but I did get about 15% of my respondents saying Daily! One friend told me she washes every pieces of clothing/linens in her house daily in one load and she and I bantered back and forth about the utility of doing that. I’m not sure if that included bed linens, but I know it included bath and kitchen linens.

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