How to Fold Laundry Properly

Folding laundry properly is an important way to get you in and out of the Laundromat efficiently. Folding your clothes the right way, also ensures less wrinkles and creases. Here are a few tips on how to fold your laundry properly.



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To start, lay your t-shirt face side up on a flat surface and smooth out any bumps or wrinkles. Next, you want to find your middle line between the neckline and the bottom hem. You then want to find your shoulder line between the neckline and start of the sleeve. There are three key points on the shoulder line that you need to be aware of. The middle point (where it crosses your middle line), the top edge, and the bottom hem. With your right hand, pinch this middle point. With your left hand, grab the top of the t-shirt along the same line. Take that left hand (while leaving your right hand stationary), and move your left hand around the right hand to pick up all layers of that last point. Gently untwist your arms, holding onto all layers. Then, gently shake out the t-shirt. What you should be left with is a flat fold, with one sleeve still remaining out. Simply fold the t-shirt over and you’re done. You should be left with a perfect fold in just seconds.



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Folding jeans can be an easy task, once you know how to do it. Keep in mind, there is more than one way to fold a pair of jeans. When folding pair of jeans, make sure to use a flat surface. First, put your hands in both pockets to make them smooth. Next, lay the jeans flat with the front facing up and smooth them out with your hands. Then fold them in half. Smooth out the jeans and make sure that the legs are even. Next, fold the crotch in towards the legs. Then fold the bottom of the jean legs up so that they align directly with the top of the pocket. Now fold the jeans again to make sure that they are even with the top of the pocket and flip them over. This is the most common way to fold jeans.

Fitted Sheets


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There is no magic to folding a fitted sheet. Simply take both ends of the fitted sheet, kind of like a hammock, and lay it out. Then, take one end and fold it to the middle. Take the other end and fold it all the way to the other side. Your fitted sheets should look like a skirt at this point. Then, take the entire sheet and fold it half way across. Next, bring it back and fold it another way across. Then, flip it over twice and you are done.



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