How to Wash White Clothes

Washing clothes can be a difficult task, washing “white” clothes can be an even more difficult! That’s why here at LaundroXpress we’ve figured out an easy way to keep your white clothes white.


Here is how to organize:

  1. Separate the whites from all other colors
  2. Separate the Dry Cleaning from what you’re going to run in the washer (Check Tags)
  3. Organize into different piles such as Tough, Dense, Light, and or Delicates
  4. Thicker fabrics can handle heavier and much hotter machine runs
  5. You should also make a pile for the Very Dirty whites to put in separate longer cycle
  6. Always check Care Tags for “Dry Cleaning Only”


How to prepare the washer:

  1. Hot water for bright whites and hardy fabrics
  2. Cold for darker whites and more delicate fabrics
  3. Use a 1/3 rule of thumb for Load size
  4. 1/3 full is a Small Load, 2/3’s full is a Medium Load, 3/3’s or Full is a Large Load
  5. Don’t force Full Loads, Medium sized loads will wash better than full loads!
  6. Choose the correct cycle and temperature
  7. Select the regular/hot for hardy white fabrics
  8. Select Regular/Cold for “Very Dirty” Delicate Fabrics
  9. Permanent Press/warm to cold is used mainly for Colored Clothes
  10. Select the Delicate/cold for clothes that are Delicate Fabrics
  11. Select Regular/hot for the “Very Dirty” pile


Picking the Right washing fluids:



  • 1/3 rule for Loads usually works for Detergents as well, 1/3 load = filling 1/3 of the detergent cap
  • Some concentrates may use less, if so follow the instructions on the bottle
  • Some detergents contain a small amount of bleach to help remove stains



  • Helps get stains and smudges out of your clothes
  • Some bleach contains Chlorine and is specifically meant for “Fully White” clothes
  • Sometimes Pretreatment with Bleach will make those tough stains come right off!


Fabric Softeners:

  • Keeps your fabrics soft and fresh
  • You can have softener sheets in the dryer or softener fluid in the washer
  • Always Pre-Treat tough stains to help the cleaning process!


After running the washer:

  • Check through your clothes and find any remaining stains
  • Separate any leftover stained clothes into a pile you will run again
  • Move clean wet clothes into the dryer


Running through the dryer:

  • When drying clothes check the tags!
  • Regular and heavy cycles work well on whites, may cause fading with colors
  • Permanent Press works well with colored clothes without fading
  • Delicate Cycle is meant for Delicates and dries clothes at room temperature


Organize & hang your Clothes and you are Done!

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