Laundromat Beginner’s Checklist



Before you take your clothes to your local laundromat, here are a few tips you should keep in mind.

1. If your coin laundry does not supply credit card machines you are most likely going to need to bring a bag with a lot of quarters. If the machines are older this will probably be the case. There are some great ways to store quarters in a neat and organized way like the quarter dispenser coin holder from The Container Store. We take away the hassle of bringing around loose change by being one of the few coin laundries in Miami to have credit card readers on all of our brand new machines.


2. Although we provide brand name laundry detergents for our customers, not all laundromats provide brand name detergent. If this option is not offered you will need to purchase your own detergent. Buy detergents according to laundry type. Different loads such as whites, blacks, and colors will require their specific detergents. Also, look for dryer sheets to help provide a nice smell while softening your clothing.


3. A good laundry bag will last you a long time. Don’t skimp on quality because you might end up having to replace it sooner than you expected, negating any cost savings. If privacy over your clothing is a concern look into purchasing a bag of a solid color. Avoid mesh bags as they can tear more easily than solid fabric bags. If you are looking to save some money a large pillowcase or large plastic trash bag will also work well. Also, remember if you do not want to mix the bag you brought your dirty clothes in with your clean clothes, bring a second bag.


4. Sort your laundry before you go. This will allow you to save time at the laundromat and help prevent losing any articles of clothing during the process. An added benefit is being able to know ahead of time if you can use the oversized washers and driers.

5. Entertaining one self while waiting for your clothes to clean and dry has become much easier with the invention of the smartphone. Even if you don’t have a smartphone, LaundroXpress offers large screen televisions for your entertainment. Not all laundromats offer this luxury though so be prepared to bring a book or your favorite electronic device.


Washing and drying your clothes at a laundromat can be a very easy experience if you go in with a game plan. These tips will help make your experience as smooth as possible. Come by and visit our Miami coin laundry where we provide the latest technology in washing and drying machines along with a comfortable and safe atmosphere.



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