What Laundry Detergent Smells Best?

It is sometimes difficult choosing a laundry detergent and knowing that you can expect a very pleasant smell after wash. That’s why we’ve compared the prices and smells of certain detergents to help our clients have a fresh, clean and long lasting scent coming from their laundry. First let’s look at the top selling name brands and how much detergent was sold!

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According to Statista.Com, 2014

Tide – Sold $1,195 Million

Gain – Sold $545 Million

All – Sold $317 Million

Purex– Sold $242 Million

Arm & Hammer – Sold $164 Million

These are the Top 5 selling brands for Laundry Detergent in 2014, but this does not make them the best smelling. As we researched through some customer reviews and questions, we were able to find a few statements backing up these top 5 brands.


Here is a look at how some people rated those brands on Amazon.com, 2014

Tide –“4 ½” Star Rating with 1,946 Customer Reviews, (63%) 1,232 of those were Positive!

Positive Feedback Customer Stated: “Comforter still smells amazing even though it’s been two weeks”

Negative Feedback Customer Stated: “Pods smell a little funny, sort of a chemical smell”

All – “4 ½” Star Rating with 287 Customer Reviews, (69%) 199 of those were Positive.

Positive Feedback Customer Stated: “the clothes come out smelling clean”

Negative Feedback Customer Stated: “not very good, does not leave clothes smelling clean”

Arm & Hammer – “4 ½” Star Rating with 235 Customer Reviews, (68%) 161 of those were positive.

Positive Feedback Customer Stated: “clothes do not have a fake clean smell, but just a clean feel and smell.”

Negative Feedback Customer Stated: “leaves behind a weird residue, and our clothes don’t smell fresh and clean”

Gain – “4” Star Rating with 174 Customer Reviews, (59%) 103 of those were Positive.

Positive Feedback Customer Stated: “it really makes your clothes smell fresh and clean!”

Negative Feedback Customer Stated:  “be warned that the smell doesn’t get diluted during a wash cycle”

Purex – “4 ½” Star Rating with 136 Customer Reviews, (69%) 94 of those were positive.

Positive Feedback Customer Stated: “The smell is wonderful and really does get out the stains.”

Negative Feedback Customer Stated: “It smelled old or fishy or something”

All of these are reviewed very highly, but if we compare the total amount of reviews you can see Tide has over 1,000 more Reviews than all other brands! When we compare the Percentage of Positive Reviews the winners are All and Purex with 69% Positive Customer Reviews. From the research above we can assume that Tide is the Top Selling detergent but perhaps not the Top Smelling detergent, which is more than likely All or Purex.

With this information you should be able to find a Brand that you like, however that part is more of an opinion than something we can find for you.  We recommend trying out the top 3; All, Purex and Tide for yourself! Buy the three detergents and try washing three separate batches of laundry using each detergent separately. This information is meant to help you find the Best Smelling Detergent for you, after looking at this information we hope you are able to decide on which one is best.



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