Why Laundry Smells After Washing and How to Fix It

Getting your clothes and laundry clean can be a pretty simple process. This day and age washers and dryers are better and more efficient than ever at removing some of the toughest stains and odors. But what happens when you put your clothes through the wash and it still comes out smelling stale and moldy? There are a few reasons why this may be happening and LaundroXpress wants to help you figure out the culprit!

The first reason may be because the washer itself is dirty. After a while the washer walls will begin to take on some of the muck that it is washing off the clothes. This is especially true with older washers. The clothes may be getting clean but the gunk on the washer wall is what is keeping them from smelling clean.  Luckily if you are coming to LaundroXpress that will never be a concern as we have brand new facilities that we clean and maintain on a regular basis.



A simple way to fix this is to clean your washer walls. One way is to take a sponge with some soap and wipe the walls down. You will want to use the rough side of the sponge, as most of this dirt will be stuck on the wall pretty well. Another simple way of fixing this problem is to run the wash with only a towel and replacing the soap with two cups of white vinegar. Make sure to run the wash on the highest temperature. The mix of vinegar and water easily removes any stuck on gunk and the towel also helps rub down the walls. This should usually do the trick.

So what if you’ve tried cleaning your washer and the smell is still there! Then the culprit may be the clothes itself. Washing heavily soiled clothes with other garments that aren’t as dirty may actually lead to soiling the whole load. You want to separate your heavily soiled clothes from the rest. This will make sure you are not tainting the other clothes and also allows for more room in the wash, which can help with making sure all the clothes are cleaned properly.


Washing your clothing at a high temperature and with a good cleaner is important. The high temperature is a great way of killing most odor causing bacteria, and tough cleaners such as oxyclean can penetrate deep into the fabrics. White vinegar acts great as an odor neutralizing agent and adding a cup or two into your wash can make all the difference.

Drying your clothes as soon as possible is crucial to removing smells. By letting damp clothes sit the odor has time to penetrate deep into the fabrics making it much harder to remove the smell. Although the dryer is a great way to efficiently dry your clothes, you may want to hang your clothes and let them air dry. This allows for fresh air to run through the clothing and removes any damp smells.


For those smells that just won’t go away, it may be time to discard the clothing. We all have that favorite t-shirt that we just don’t want to get rid of. But if you are walking around smelling it may be an indicator to toss it out! Fabrics are very good at absorbing smells, and over time the smell can actually penetrate so deep that it makes it impossible to get rid of. We know it may be tough, but we are sure that you and those around you will appreciate you getting rid of your old gym shirt!

If the idea of getting rid of an old high school shirt is too much to bare, bring it down to LaundroXpress and let our team of experts assist you in finally getting your clothes perfectly clean! We offer a state of the art facility and a more than capable full laundry service for those pesky odors and stains.

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