Let’s Make Some Towel Animals!

If you’ve ever been on a cruise or had an experience with a creative hotel attendant you have probably seen towel animals.  They always seem to be intricately & delicately put together with a touch of mystery, check out the below masterpiece:


Courtesy of www.maketowelanimals.com we have been provided with a few expert instructions for some of our favorite towel animals, let’s go through a few of the top ones:

# 1 – Towel Mouse

This will require (1) Hand Towel & (1) Washcloth:

Step 1 – First fold the hand towel about 30% lengthwise in both directions:

mouse1 mouse2 mouse3

Step 2 – Fold out a sleeve as shown and roll the towel down:

mouse4 mouse5 mouse6 mouse7 mouse8

Step 3: To create the head take the washcloth and fold it from one corner and then the other to create a triangle


Step 4: Next fold the tip inward and the sides over as shown:

mouse10 mouse11 mouse12

Step 5: Next take the two corners of the towel and fold them inward as shown and then separate the ears apart:

mouse13 mouse14 mouse15

Step 6: Then simply add the head to the body and viola! Add googly eyes for added affect.

mouse16 mouse17

# 2 – Towel Elephant

This will require (1) Hand Towel & (1) Bath Towel:

Step 1: Layout the bath towel and fold it lengthwise from both sides inward to meet perfectly in the middle:

elephant1 elephant2 elephant3

Step 2: Then roll the towel inward from the top sides to meet in the middle once again, then fold in half, stand upright, & push down to wide out slightly.

elephant4 elephant5 elephant6 elephant7 elephant8 elephant9 elephant10

Step 3: Next to form the head layout the hand towel, fold the corners in to form a triangle as shown, & then roll the bottom corners from both ends to meet in the middle.

elephant11 elephant12 elephant13 elephant14

Step 4: Next pick up the towel, turn it over and pull the top part down as shown:elephant15 elephant16

Step 5: Then pinch the back of the cuff, while holding the pinch turn the ears inside out as shown:

elephant17 elephant19 elephant18

Step 6: Then simply add the head to the body, you can optionally add googly eyes for added affect:

elephant20 elephant21
We hope you have fun with some of these animal towel creations!

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