How to Prevent the Fading of Your Dark Clothes

Preventing your dark clothes from fading could be a daunting task. This blog post is about certain tips, tricks, and techniques that can help keep your favorite dark clothes from fading!
Clothes can go through many cycles daily such as washing, drying, folding, storage, wearing, and dirtying. Colors are known to fade over time but with a little knowledge of do’s and don’ts we can lengthen the amount of time it takes for colors to fade.

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Here are the daily cycles and some things to avoid.

When Washing

  • Try not to wash so often, dark clothes can be worn more than once without need to be washed.
  • Pre-treat your darker clothes before washing them.
  • Keep colors sorted with similar colors, keep dark blues with dark blues, and greys with greys
  • Separating clothes by weight can help keep delicate fabrics from losing color easily
  • Turn your clothes inside out, keeps the colors on the outside from fading as easily
  • Close any buttons or zippers on your clothing to keep them from rubbing against other clothes
  • Using Cold Water keeps the dye in your clothes, this also stops bleeding and keeps your darks dark.
  • Short Cycles cause less friction on your clothes so the colors will be less likely to fade
  • There are certain detergents made for darks which could help keeping your clothes dark

*This does not include underwear, bras, hats, and socks. You should wash undergarments daily!

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When Drying

  • Applying excess heat to your darks can speed up the process in which they fade
  • Dry clothes by hanging if possible
  • Don’t use the hottest heat if planning on using the dryer
  • Pre-Treating Clothes to keep them Dark
  • Using black tea and/or coffee can sometimes darken faded fabrics
  • Baking Soda doesn’t contain chlorine and can be used to actually bring brightness back into your darks
  • Salt keeps colors from bleeding and can sometimes restore colors as well
  • Vinegar can added to wash cycles to preserve black in your clothes
  • Vinegar can also soften your fabrics
  • Pepper can reinforce the darker colors in fabrics and can helps prevent fading

*Fading can also happen with OverDrying!


Storage and Folding

  • Do not store clothes in extreme environments
  • Certain clothing should be folded such as Sweaters and Jeans
  • Do not Roll socks, just fold the socks in half to keep them from losing their elasticity

*Rubbing against abrasive materials can wear out your clothing quicker!

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Wearing it Out

  • Wearing your dark clothes more than once can help keep your colors from fading quickly
  • Try to avoid wearing darks in the extreme sun
  • Citrus spills on dark clothes can actually bleach or stain them permanently
  • Watch wear you sit or rest your arms, strong chemicals and solvents will damage your clothing
  • If spilled on, immediately start Pre-treating your clothes with some of the techniques above and wash!
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