How to Remove Ink Stains

Ink Stains are very common in the working world we live in, below are some tips and tricks on how to remove ink stains. First let’s figure out the material we are working with by checking the care tags typically found around the neck of the shirt. Care tags hold information on the clothes such as, what material and how to appropriately wash them.


Here are some steps you can take to begin removing stains immediately:

  • Lightly dampen a sponge with water and work your way from the outside of the stain towards the center.
  • Applying a “wet or dry spotter” can remove unwanted stains or chemicals, sometimes using hair spray beforehand will help loosen the stain.
  • Using Rubbing Alcohol, Acetone (Nail Polish Remover), or Ammonia can also remove some stains, but can cause damage to the fabric or materials.
  • Let cleaning solvents sit for 5-30 minutes at time so that it may be absorbed into the fabric, sometimes reapplying every 5 minutes will help loosen up those tuff stains!
  • Using a dry towel underneath your clothes as you remove stains can help absorb some of that excess staining, it also keeps stains from spreading further.
  • After letting the solvents become absorbed, you can either hand wash or machine wash (Depending on what is said on the care tag)
  • Rinse with water and check for stains
  • Repeat

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Here are some other unique ways to remove stains:

Hair Spray – Spray directly on the stain without letting it dry out, take a towel and begin to pat lightly. Re-wet if necessary and add clear liquid detergent, use warm water and rinse while rubbing with a towel.

Cornstarch – Mix with Milk to create a paste which should be put on the stain. After letting it dry you should be able to vacuum or brush off the dried paste.

Milk – Mix with Cornstarch to create a paste which should be put on the stain. After letting it dry you should be able to vacuum or brush off the dried paste.

Salt – While a stain is fresh or wet, you can actually pour salt on a stain to absorb some of the ink. Use a wet paper towel to pick up more of the ink and salt, then brush off the remaining salt. Repeat to further clean the stain.

Cream of Tartar – Mixing the cream of tartar with lemon juice in a 1 to 1 ratio creates a paste that can clean ink stains. Leave the paste on the stain for 3-5 hours then brush off. Washing your clothes after should take off the ink stain.

Vinegar – Specifically “White Vinegar” can help release some of that ink stain. Allow the vinegar to sit in for a few minutes. Make a paste using Cornstarch and Vinegar (3:2 Ratio) and apply to the ink stain, allow for the paste to dry and then wash the article of clothes.

Sandpaper – A gentle grit sandpaper can help remove the small left-over ink stains, just rub gently on the ink stain after its dried and you should see it start vanishing. Use a toothbrush to brush off excess material left over.

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