What Stains Can Dry Cleaning Remove?

Removing stains is one of the most common problems people face with their laundry. Fortunately, dry cleaning can revitalize your clothes and leave them looking brand new with or without a stain. Dry cleaners utilize professional equipment and use special cleaning agents that help tackle even the toughest of stains. However, many factors need to be addressed before knowing if a stain can be successfully removed. These factors include: the type of fabric, the type of stain, and the specific dye used in the clothing.

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The most efficient way to remedy a stain is by bringing it into a dry cleaning professional as soon as the stain occurs. It is really important to remember that the longer you let the stain set in, the more difficult it will be to remove. Make sure to let the dry cleaner know if your clothing has any special care instructions and also what kind of stain it is. This will greatly increase the likelihood of your clothing becoming stain free. Dry cleaners are very effective in removing almost all types of stains that are not fully set-in or ‘oxidized’, in other words, once the stain has altered the actual fabric structure it is almost impossible to remove.

An important tip for stain prevention is to never store clothing with stains or spills on it. Allowing the clothes to sit will help the stain to set in and therefore will make it more difficult to remove. You always want to make sure that you clean your clothing as quickly as possible after a spill or stain. When you let the stain set in, you’re giving it time to oxidize. Oxidation occurs when stained clothing is exposed to the elements. Once exposed, a yellowish or brownish stain appears. This is why it is important that people, who sweat a lot, clean their clothes more frequently.


Unfortunately, even a professional dry cleaner can’t remove every stain. Oxidized stains that have set into the fabric may be impossible to remove. Some fabrics are fragile and simply can’t handle certain cleaning products. Additionally, some materials may bleed more than others, therefore preventing stain removal.

Remember; always make sure to clean your clothes before storing them. If a stain does set in, make sure to take it to a professional dry cleaner as quickly as possible. This will prevent oxidization and will help protect your clothing from unwanted stains and spills. Dry cleaning your clothing will greatly reduce the likelihood of oxidization.


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