The Best Ways to Sort Clothes for your Wash

The number one rule that most people follow is to separate your whites from your wash to make sure the colors from other clothing don’t bleed into the white materials, but is that all you need to know? For example, what about delicate clothing and thick sheets? Different color types and styles are another important consideration.  Below is a guide for the best methods of sorting your clothes for the wash:

There are two main things to consider when sorting your wash, colors & weight.

Sorting your clothes by color:


The most important part of sorting clothes is color, the main categories to sort your clothes by are: Whites, Darks, Lights (light blues, yellows, light greens, etc..), Jeans (denim materials), Delicates (lingerie, silks, pantyhose)

By sub-dividing your clothes in these color categories you can be sure that your clothes will not bleed into each other and that the fabrics colors will maintain their integrity.

Sorting your clothes by weight:



Another important but often overlooked area of sorting clothes is sorting by fabric weight.  By mixing thin delicate fabrics with heavy rough materials it can lead to tearing/ripping of the more delicate clothing or simply discoloring the delicate clothes because of the abrasive heavy fabrics.  Another important factor to keep in mind is drying time.  If you mix heavy wet fabrics with more light fabrics or clothing it is safe to assume that these clothes will not dry at the same time.  It is best to keep heavier fabric loads using a low amount of fabric and high heat with the dryer to ensure they are dried thoroughly.  Mixing heavy and light fabric loads in the dryer could lead to some of the heavier materials staying damp/wet.

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