Which Kinds of Stains Need Dry Cleaning?

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There are a few times where you can get away with not having to take your clothing to the dry cleaners. Some stains are much easier to tackle than others, but when you do have those hard to remove stains it is important to treat it right from the beginning to ensure the stain will be totally removed. LaundroXpress has state of the art machines that allow us to quickly and efficiently remove those stubborn stains. Below are a few stains that you may want to think twice before going at alone. By taking those clothes to a dry cleaner you will make sure to fully remove the stain.

Wine Stains


Wine can be one of the most stubborn types of stains that you encounter. The trick with a wine stain is to keep it wet and dilute it as much as possible. This is typically done by pouring water or club soda on the stain. The bubbles in club soda help lift the stain a lot quicker. By keeping the stain wet you are not letting it dry up on your clothing. Once you have diluted the stain you can either use soap to remove the stain or baking soda. Both will help lift the stain and the baking soda will soak it all up. You can also surprisingly use white wine to combat a red wine stain. The two wines counteract each other and the white wine helps lift the red wine stain.

Pen Ink


There is nothing worse than wearing a nice shirt to work and having a pen explode ink all over the pocket. You would believe the shirt is ruined; luckily there are a few easy ways to get help get that ink out. Water soluble ink is usually the easiest to get out, by using warm water on the stain and then blotting it with a cloth with a bit of laundry detergent the stain will easily begin to come off. For more permanent stains, the trick is to dab a bit of rubbing alcohol which breaks up the ink and allows for it to come out cleaner. Dry cleaners have special chemicals that can fully lift the ink stain, but by using some of these tips early on you can assure that it can be fully removed.



Grease stains such as cooking and pizza oils are difficult to remove and are among the top three stains to take straight to a dry cleaner. The idea behind this stain is to first dab it with a dry paper towel and try to initially remove as much oil as possible. The next step is to use baby powder on the stain. The baby powder sucks up the oils which will then allow you to use some dish detergent with a good grease fighting agent. Leave the detergent on the stain for a few hours and it should lift most of the oil off the clothing. Again your best bet with this stain is to take it to a dry cleaner so they can use their special cleaners on it.

When it comes to keeping your clothes clean and making sure that some of the difficult stains are able to be removed, the main idea is to first prevent, but second is to act quickly. You want to make sure the stains stay wet and don’t have the chance to sit and dry because at that point it makes it much harder to remove. By taking the clothing to the dry cleaners you are going to ensure that your clothes will come back stain free and it will be done in a way that will also protect the clothing.

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Dry cleaners are professionals for a reason, they understand the differences between different fabrics and how the react to stains and cleaners differently. They also have specialized tools and cleaners that allow them to remove even the toughest stains. LaundroXpress has professionals on site that can help you with all your dry cleaning services in Miami.

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