Which Laundry Detergent To Use For Sensitive Skin?

When walking down the laundry detergent aisle at your local supermarket it’s easy to get overwhelmed by the shear number of different laundry detergents. Each laundry detergent claims to do certain things, like make your clothes softer or smell like a fresh summer breeze. But are these detergents the best option for people with sensitive skin?


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Some detergents contain harsh chemicals and other ingredients that can irritate skin. These harsh chemicals can turn your skin dry and cause itching and rashes all over your body. But there is still hope for people with sensitive skin. More and more supermarkets are offering laundry detergents that are specifically made for sensitive skin.

The general rule of thumb when choosing the right laundry detergent is that detergents with fragrances irritate sensitive skin. Fragrances are one of the most common skin allergens and should be avoided at all cost by people with sensitive skin. But don’t think that just because it is natural it is also fragrance free. Many natural detergents contain things like citrus or lavender that can also irritate sensitive skin. Also, people with sensitive skin should avoid fabric softeners and drier sheets because they too are packed with irritating fragrances.


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Brands like “Tide” and “ALL” offer laundry detergent for sensitive skin. These detergents are free of dyes and perfumes and offer a more gentle way to wash your clothes. Other brands like “Charlie’s Soap Powder” offer a non-toxic and hypoallergenic alternative to detergents with fragrances. Another option is the “Grab Green Delicate Laundry Detergent”, which is blended for sensitive skin and uses only naturally-derived and hypo allergenic ingredients.

Another great option is making your own laundry detergent from all natural ingredients. This option will save you a lot of money and is the most cost effective way to clean your clothes by far. You can easily make your own laundry detergent by using a few simple ingredients like borax and Fels-Naptha soap. These ingredients are easily found in the laundry isle at your local supermarket.


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In today’s market, there are a variety of laundry detergent options to choose from. Whether you choose one of the bigger and more recognized brands like “Tide” or “All”, or you choose a more natural approach like the Do-It-Yourself detergent, just remember to avoid detergents with harmful perfumes and other ingredients that may irritate the skin.




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